Andrej Pejic for Malan Breton SS12 NYFW by @leandrojusten 


Andrej Pejic.

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Andrej Pejic, photographed by Christos Karantzolas for the October 2011 issue of Schön Magazine.


When 20-year-old androgynous model Andrej Pejic met the Queen of England yesterday afternoon at Buckingham Palace, he chose a Paul Smith blazer, Issey Miyake shirt, vintage Versace pencil skirt, his mother’s vintage eighties belt, and Toni Bianco shoes. Pejic tell us his ensemble was inspired by “Sharon Stone, with a little bit nineties.” He continues: “I wanted to keep it chic and smart. I mixed a men’s blazer with a leather pencil skirt to achieve the look.” And for those wondering if he bowed or curtsied when he met the queen, his rep tells us he bowed. Mystery solved.

Here’s What Andrej Pejic Wore to Meet the Queen by

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Andrej Pejic in 1883 Magazine Issue 3.
Photos by Kristiina Wilson.

Tell me about the background to the shoot with Andrej and how the day went?
I wanted to show Andrej how he is as a person, as a guy - not how he is so often in big fashion shoots, all done up in couture and womenswear. He is a beautiful guy and also makes a drop dead gorgeous woman, but that is not how I wanted to show him. I wanted to find out who he is and show that. We had a lot of fun, talked a lot (he wants to be a lawyer!), ate some very tasty sandwiches and enjoyed our day together.

Read the complete interview with Kristina here:


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Andrej Pejic left Markham Inn Bar in London’s Chelsea district, last night (photo credit: Pacific Coast News)


Andrej Pejic and Dirty Sexy Things model BB.
Markham Inn bar, London.
Photo credits: Pacific Coast News


Andrej Pejic in Grazia UK Magazine.
“I like to dress as a girl but I don’t want to be one”
Scans from @PinkPout81

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